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Vaccinate Your Child

5 Reasons to vaccinate your child.

Child Immunisations

It is important to keep up to date with your immunisations to avoid illness.

You will be invited to bring your child to attend for their immunisations once they reach the appropriate age.

If you think your child has missed any of the immunisations please enquire at reception.

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Other Immunisations

We offer a range of other common immunisations the most popular of which are the Seasonal Influenza and Pneumococcal injections.

If you are eligible for a free Seasonal Influenza vaccination you will be invited to attend a clinic to receive this.

These are available for people aged 50+, have an illness that would be made worse by catching flu or if you are a carer.

If you do not fall in to any of these categories but wish to have an influenza vaccination please speak to your local pharmacist.

Available at all sites

Child Immunisations



Child Immunisations